Erika Lyons

Music Therapist

Erika has an MA in Music Therapy and considerable experience as a music therapist working with children, adolescents and adults with a range of needs including developmental trauma, autism, TBI, mental health and PMLD and with survivors of child sexual abuse. Erika has additional specialist training in working with dissociative disorders in clinical practice, including Neurologic Music Therapy and has completed Theraplay Level 1 training. She delivers training and workshops for the NHS and schools on Music Therapy and the therapeutic use of music. She is a member of BAMT, the MU and is HCPC registered. Erika feels privileged to work as a core member of The Family Place team, where the diverse expertise provides opportunities for powerful and profound therapeutic work. Erika is also a highly-regarded professional jazz bassist. She has performed at numerous festivals worldwide, recording on radio, television and albums. She says that being a jazz bass player provides a unique experience to support her Music Therapy work. Both require the skill of being able to improvise and to respond appropriately in the moment. In addition, the role of the bass is like a bridge between the rhythm, (especially in relation to the drums) and the melodic, harmonic work of the other instruments.. She finds this awareness is paralleled in Music Therapy. By responding to the physiological/emotional(rhythm) needs of clients and providing them with a regulating support, the expression of emotional/ narrative needs (melody and harmony) and a deepening sense of integration can be revealed. Erika is a dedicated yoga practitioner having developed her practice for the past 30 years. In particular she has made an in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. She says that the yoga principle of creating and maintaining ‘space’ in relationship allows something else to emerge, which can be profound.