Dr Josie Hewitt

Clinical Psychologist

Josie is a clinical psychologist who works with The Family Place as a Specialist Attachment Practitioner. She is a certified Theraplay® practitioner and is training to become a trainer in Theraplay®. Josie is also working towards becoming certified in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP). Her main area of interest is in working with children with complex difficulties in relationships rooted in their experience of developmental trauma. Josie’s clinical approach is to work with families with an attachment and trauma-informed approach, centrally involving adoptive parents and foster carers throughout sessions with the child. Josie has held an interest in working therapeutically with children for many years and this drove her undergraduate research on teaching theory of mind, published in the journal of Early Education and Development in 2013. Outside of work Josie tends her tentative and budding creativity through starting (though not always finishing) knitting projects and tending to her garden.

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