Anna Carter

Consultant Child and Educational Psychologist

Anna is a chartered psychologist with over twenty years’ experience supporting children with developmental trauma or additional needs. She is one of only three neurosequential model of therapeutics (NMT brain mapping) phase II trainers in the UK. NMT was developed by Dr Bruce Perry and the Child Trauma Academy and Anna attends monthly continuing professional development events provided by Dr Perry. She is also a Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) certified practitioner and supervisor in training. Anna is certified in Theraplay and is training as a Theraplay trainer. She has undertaken training in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) and also provides DDP-informed therapeutic parenting and child-focused work. She can be found on the world geomap of professionals who specialize in understanding and responding to the impact of multiple traumas in childhood : . Anna is a skilled trainer and has presented at the Conference for Designated Teachers for Looked After Children in Worcestershire for the past four years. She has also delivered training in recent years to over ninety schools on the impact of developmental trauma on learning and on approaches that work. She has been invited to speak at adopter training events for a number of LAs for several years. Anna’s training is consistently rated as excellent, with very positive feedback as she offers a high level of expertise and specialist consultations for schools and professionals, delivering immediate impact. Anna provides a wide range of professional services including specialist assessments, attachment-focused family assessments and therapeutic interventions, school consultations and professional supervision.